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Metro Barcelona 2020





Train unit for the Barcelona Metro - Lines L1 and L3


Exterior design

Interior design

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Barcelona is synonymous with architecture and design, modernity and innovation, technology and sustainability. Our client, Alstom, trusted us to project these values ​​into the new vehicles in its metro network. The axes of our proposal were to satisfy the technical needs of the operator, the comfort of the passengers and the unique identity of this world class city.

The exterior remains faithful to the corporate lines of Metro de Barcelona, ​​with an exterior graphic designed to be the new Corporate image of Metro Barcelona. The new HeadLamps take on a special role, turning the front of the train into an iconic and easily recognizable element.

The interior combines the continuity of TMB's brand image with the incorporation of a clean and architectural language that reinforces the feeling of spaciousness and well-being. The entire design has been inspired by the city architecture. The Eixample blocks’ chamfers are reflected in the uprights and patterns of the floor, to favor the amplitude of the spaces and interior mobility. The train itself thus becomes one more street in Barcelona.

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